Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios is one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions. It’s a natural waterfall that is fed by an underground spring. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. The picture-perfect appearance of this cascading waterfall might make you think that it’s man-made. But in fact, the continuous lime deposits that are smoothed over with the never-ending flow of spring water leaves us with what can only be described as a gift from mother nature herself. A trip here is sure to be etched into your memory for the rest of your life. After you take your next Facebook profile pic with Bunny, follow the walkway down to the Dunns River Falls Beach. What makes this beach extra special is that it’s one of the few beaches in the world that has a waterfall flowing directly into it. Once you make it down to the beach, this is where you start climbing the falls. You have the option of holding hands and forming a train, or you can try to find your own route to the top. Look out for dark-colored rocks. That’s a sign that it might be very slippery. Even though very few people get seriously injured climbing the falls, I definitely recommend climbing with a tour guide. Tour guides climb these falls daily and know how to keep you out of danger. Every group has a daredevil or 2 so if that’s you, just be careful. I’ve never been to a rainforest but that’s the feeling I get while climbing the falls. The sound of the water pounding on the rocks, the smell of fresh river water in the air, the cool shade of the lush trees and the many species of beautiful flowers. You can’t help but imagine for a minute that you’re somewhere in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. Climbing the falls can be intimidating at times. Some parts are steeper than others and there’s a constant flow of water pulling your legs. This can make it difficult for you to keep your balance. If you’re not comfortable continuing with the climb, there are a few places for you to exit the falls before getting to the top. But you have to earn the right to brag to your family, friends, and coworkers that you climbed to the top of Dunn’s River Falls. Only the champions that make it to the top of the falls have the privilege of getting a picture beside the sign below. This is proof that you really conquered the world famous Dunn’s River Falls. Keep a copy of that picture handy. It’s something to be proud of and a great conversation starter. Once you’ve finished climbing the falls, grab yourself a cold red stripe beer. You deserve it! Take a leisurely stroll around the property. Take some pictures of the beautiful flowers and fruit trees that are around. There’s also a small craft market on the property. Take a look inside. You might find some nice souvenirs to remind you of this wonderful day. How long does it take to climb to the top of Dunn’s River Falls? With a guide, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the group. The guides that work there though will skip to the top in 5-10 minutes.


What’s the Entry Fee for Dunns River Falls & Park?

Adults Admission
$25 usd
Kids Admission
$17 usd

What Should I Bring to Dunns River Falls & Park?

  • Beach Shoes – You can order a pair from Amazon. If you don’t get your own pair, there is a company that rents them at the falls. The cost of renting them is somewhere between $10 and $15.
  • Waterproof Camera – This you can get reasonably cheap on Amazon as well. If you don’t get one though, tour guides usually videotape your entire fall then try to sell you the DVD.
  • Swimwear – Unless you plan on sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone else have a blast, be sure to pack something you don’t mind getting wet.


Where in Jamaica is Dunns River Falls?

Dunns River Falls is located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. See map below

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